Living Together? Protect Yourselves with Cohabitation Agreement.

It used to be against the law to cohabitate in Florida, much less provide for one another if the two part ways. And with no common law marriage in Florida, it’s even more important than ever to enter a cohabitation agreement. A cohabitation agreement is sort of like a prenuptial agreement. It provides for each party in case of a break-up, incapacitation or...

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Patience and Persistence Can Pay Off in Near Impossible Custody Battle

Imagine losing custody of your child to a spouse that has falsely accused you of untrue heinous acts. Imagine you are denied access to your daughter, who has been moved out of state by your ex for months or even years, due to incendiary lies. We recently handled such a case… and ultimately achieved a positive outcome. The client, a father in his 40s with a...

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Consider Collaborative Law to Save Money, Stress in Divorce Dispute

Let’s face it. Divorce usually creates high levels of stress and emotions for all parties involved, not just the two people who are getting a divorce. What’s more divorce can be very costly – both emotionally and financially- and drawn out. But now there is an alternative that can reduce spending, time, stress and what can often be long-lasting tensions...

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