Areas of Practice

The Law Firm of Doreen Bonadies Halickman,Esq. has extensive experience offering qualified, legal counsel on the following legal issues:

• Dissolution of marriage
• Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
• Post dissolution modifications to child support, custody and time-sharing
• Child custody and time-sharing arrangement
• Interstate custody
• Cohabitation agreements
• Paternity actions
• Child support
• Parenting plans for unmarried parents
• Property division and alimony

  Litigation vs. Collaboration vs. Mediation

 ‘See you in court’? Not necessarily.

Legally dissolving a marital union is an emotionally tumultuous process. In more than 15 years as a family lawyer, Ms. Halickman has never had a client who didn’t wish to end their marriage as compassionately as possible.

Should you decide to divorce, you need a lawyer who is known as much for her empathetic nature as she is for her courtroom skills. That’s why the Law Firm of Doreen B. Halickman, PL concentrates in “respectful and compassionate divorce”—that is, not only is she skilled at litigation, she’s also adept at guiding couples through the processes of collaboration and mediation.

Ms. Halickman will discuss the differences and benefits of litigation which is the traditional adversary model, collaborative divorce and mediation with you during the initial consultation. Then you can decide which path to take. To learn more about litigation vs. mediation vs. collaborative law, click here. The process you choose will set the tone for your post-divorce relationship with your former spouse and your children.


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